Room For Us is a social-awareness conscious apparel lifestyle brand that transcends

for all races, gender and in all aspects of life. We celebrate everyday black & brown achievers who actively make a difference in their community.



Room for Us is a lifestyle clothing brand that celebrates everyday black and brown people who are actively making a difference in their community.


However, Room for Us is not just about the merch...we are a movement. 


Through a series of documentary style ads we get an up close and personal look into the lives of this diverse group of achievers.


The audience will feel like a fly on the wall as our subjects talk candidly about their experiences in life and professional industries. We also get a glimpse of the day to day life in their world.


In the end, each person will leave with a final thought about the importance of making Room For Us.

Meet The Maker

Edford Banuel founded Room For Us in October 2020,  created a space for minority groups across the country with a brand that not only fits our bodies, but our culture as well.

It was during the midst of a global pandemic when Edford decided to take up outdoor cycling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Falling in love with the sport, he joined a local cycling club in the Atlanta area. That’s when he noticed a certain swag his fellow cyclists had about their bikes and gear.  When he tried to upgrade his cycling wardrobe, he noticed that the only apparel available for cyclists was sized for ethnicities with smaller body types.  

Taking the concept one step further, Edford began designing athleisure wear for the 9-5ers who are currently working from home.  He also wanted to create a brand that told a story and had a unique voice.  Edford made it his brand’s mission to celebrate Black and Brown people who actively create change in their profession and in their community.

Room For Us is more than just merch, it’s a movement.